25 most influential Evangelicals in America

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Next week’s TIME Magazine has a cover about Evangelicals, with a photo essay of the top 25 influentials, and articles titled The Democrats: Trying out a more soulful tone and What Does Bush Owe the Religious Right?

To save you the bandwidth of clicking through, here’s the list (alphabetical order):

  • Howard & Roberta Ahmanson: The Financiers
  • David Barton: The Lesson Planner
  • Doug Coe: The Stealth Persuader
  • Chuck Colson: Reborn and Rehabilitated
  • Luis Cort?s: Bringing Latinos To the Table
  • James Dobson: The Culture Warrior
  • Stuart Epperson: A High-Fidelity Messenger
  • Michael Gerson : The President’s Spiritual Scribe
  • Billy & Franklin Graham: Father and Son In the Spirit
  • Ted Haggard: Opening Up the Umbrella Group
  • Bill Hybels: Pioneering Mass Appeal
  • T.D. Jakes: The Pentecostal Media Mogul
  • Diane Knippers: A Think Tank With Firepower
  • Tim & Beverly LaHaye: The Christian Power Couple
  • Richard Land: God’s Lobbyist
  • Brian McLaren: Paradigm Shifter
  • Joyce Meyer: A Feminine Side Of Evangelism
  • Richard John Neuhaus: Bushism Made Catholic
  • Mark Noll: The Intellectual Exemplar
  • J.I. Packer: Theological Traffic Cop
  • Rick Santorum: The Point Man On Capitol Hill
  • Jay Sekulow: The Almighty’s Attorney-at-Law
  • Stephen Strang: Keeper of “The Faith”
  • Rick Warren: America’s New People’s Pastor
  • Ralph Winter: A Global Mission

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