You need to Cultivate in Huntington Beach 5/4-5

I’d love to connect with you at the Cultivate Conference in a few weeks — the dates are May 4-5 in Huntington Beach, California. That is within driving distance all over Southern California, so you can drive it, even from San Diego. Bring someone with you and you can use the carpool lane to get there faster. And if you’re ambitious, you can drive it from Fresno or San Francisco. Or, fly into SNA.
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Described as “The Next Thing in Church Conferences” by Outreach Magazine, the Cultivate Conference is about making your non-profit organization’s communications more effective. Be it social justice or other important causes, community services or advocacy, ministry or church, it’s a gathering where you don’t sit and soak (beaches are better for that.) Time and space is set apart for panel discussions and conversations with experienced communicators serving as facilitators. It won’t be “pooled ignorance.”

People who’ll be there include: Bianca Juarez + Brad Abare + Chad Cannon + Cynthia Ware + DJ Chuang + Drew Goodmanson + Kem Meyer + Justin Wise + Lindy Lowry + Lori Bailey + LV Hanson + Michael Buckingham + Scott Overpeck + Dawn Nicole Baldwin + Tim Schraeder + Curtis Templeton + Erik Qualman + Mark Horvath + Mel McGowan + Phil Cooke + Charles Lee + Shelene Bryan +Danny Yount and many more listed on the registered attendees list.

Plus, use promo code “DJ” and get $30 off the current registration rate of $159. (If my math is right, that’s $129.)

And, one more thing. You can win a free pass to Cultivate! 3 ways to get a contest entry: 1. Add a comment here with why you’re so tired of the typical conference format of keynotes + breakouts; 2. tweet on Twitter with a link to this blog post; 3. share a link on Facebook with a link to this blog post. Your name will be entered for up to 3 times into a random drawing. One winner will be selected on Wednesday 4/20 8:00am Pacific Time. Bon chance!

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9 Responses

  1. djchuang says:

    I’m stumped. I didn’t know how to draw a winner for this contest. The tweets with pingback were from people already at the conference. And I couldn’t figure out how to track down the links to this blog post on Facebook or other ones on Twitter. So, the 1st one to add a comment here will win the free ticket to Cultivate! Go!

  2. daniel so says:

    DJ – Are you still giving away a registration? Does this count as a comment? 🙂

    • daniel so says:

      Oh, and to answer your question at the end of the post: I definitely appreciate keynote talks, but not a big fan of recycled ones (can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the same keynote at different conferences). Too often, breakout sessions feel like “mini-keynotes” — there’s a world of difference between being a gifted main stage communicator (one-way) and being a great facilitator (dialogue). Absolutely love it when a person can bring the two together!

    • djchuang says:

      Daniel, you got it! You win that free ticket! Congratulations! See you at #cultivate11 !

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