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Today a new book publishes using the power of print-on-demand via CreateSpace (via breaks out past traditional publishing. The Center for Church Communication put together this compilation of 60+ contributors, Outspoken: Conversations on Church Communication.

Among the 60+ contributors: Tim Schraeder, Leonard Sweet, Tony Steward, Vince Marotte, Shawn Wood, Will Mancini, DJ Chuang, Rhett Smith, Kem Meyer, Justin Wise, Drew Goodmanson, Scott Hodge, Bianca Juarez-Olthoff, Charles Lee, Ben Arment, Dawn Nicole Baldwin, John Dyer, Steve Fogg, Tony Morgan, Jesse Phillips, Stephen Proctor, Kent Schaffer, Scott McClellan, and more

Yes! I am one of the contributors; I noticed that all the contributors are on Twitter, most of them have a website/blog – good sign of what it takes to be communicating in today’s world! Contributors covered topics like communications, leadership, branding, design, storytelling, technology, creativity, personal growth, and outreach.

My angle on church communication is for the whole church. Gifted teachers and preachers (now called communicators) don’t need help. It’s the rest of the church that needs equipping to be outspoken with their voices. With the communication tools du jour, a la social media, many of them freely available to the masses — even a homeless person can be blogging). Let’s hear it from the pews and not just the pulpit — the whole church for the whole world!

Visit to get more and download a free preview too.

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