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Today is that big deadline day for filing income taxes in the United States. Not the most exciting day, unless you’re getting a refund.

Here’s something much more exciting: win 2 free tickets to Exponential Conference 2009: Art of Movements (aka 2009 National New Church Conference). Love the interviews they’ve posted in their podcast [rss or iTunes], with leaders like Tim Keller, Erwin McManus, Dave Ferguson, Perry Noble, and Francis Chan.

2009 National New Church Conference

Yes, the Exponential Conference starts next week in Orlando, April 20-23. So, if you are able to attend on short notice, you can win a pair of tickets. Great for a church planter and a spouse. Great for a 2 team members who are in those early years of a church startup. (And this contest will be more objective than the previous contest.)

To enter this contest for 2 Exponential tickets, add a comment with a number between 1 and 100 (inclusive). Comments with a number must be entered before April 16th 8:00am Pacific / 11:00am Eastern. [update] We have a winner! Congratulations to Sondra Rush!

How the winner will be selected: A list of random numbers has already been generated, and permanently sealed in a digital Google Docs that Todd Rhoades will supervise for accountability. Based on the total number of comments here, the spreadsheet has a corresponding pre-generated random number in the aforementioned sealed spreadsheet. That corresponding number will be used as the winning number. The tickets will go to the person who entered the number closest to the winning number without going over. Confused? Add a comment. [Note: If 2 or more entered the same number, the older timestamp will win.]

You know what to do. Add a comment. Retweet. Forward.

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84 Responses

  1. bob robbins says:

    # 6 for DJ the best basketball player ever

  2. David Avila says:

    #23 The Exponential Conference sounds like a great conference to attend.

  3. Number: 37
    Kevin Connell
    Planning on starting a church in September, really need to go!
    Jacksonville, Florida
    [email protected]

  4. Veronica Avila says:

    # 73 My husband and I are church planters and would love to go to the conference.

  5. # 39 (my age as of Friday)

    My church is bringing three people to the conference but we would LOVE to invite a couple more. (We are a 2 1/2 year-old church plant in Northeast Mississippi.)

  6. Matt Larson says:

    Oops, 37 was already taken.

    I'll go with 42

  7. Dan Cole says:

    Michael is the man.

  8. Dan Cole says:

    7 sounds like a winner to me.

  9. Mark says:

    Go Cubs 42

  10. Zac Kerce says:

    #13…winner winner chicken dinner

  11. Dan Cole says:

    # 88

  12. Patrick Murphy says:

    2 *2char*

  13. Chase Rotman says:


  14. Annie Smith says:

    number 5!

  15. Jesse Leonard says:

    55 for me

  16. Nathan Uy says:


  17. Nathan Uy says:

    51, I am feeling this is the lucky number.

  18. Holly Kouns says:


  19. mike waers says:

    34 from mw

  20. Dianna Jackson says:

    Numba 22!!!!!

  21. Julie Geisler says:

    16 for my lifetime obsession with chris rix.

  22. Bryce Melvin says:


  23. Tanner says:



  24. Stephen Icardi says:


  25. Ian Thomas says:

    ill take number 19

  26. Kelly says:

    I'll take number 1

  27. Aubrey says:

    I'll take my favorite number, 26!!!

  28. jason DeGroff says:


  29. Leandrea says:

    This conference sounds awesome! I'm feeling like number 90

  30. Jacob Deese says:

    ill take 57

  31. stephen Icardi says:


  32. Leah says:

    29 please!

  33. Tabitha C. says:

    38 🙂

  34. Ben Hutto says:

    # 14

    Michael mears

  35. Leandrea says:

    It sounds amazing! Number 90

  36. Alex Buchanan says:

    26 never fails!!!

  37. Kyle Bedran says:

    84 Michael

  38. I am feeling really good about #72

  39. Brad Parks says:

    4 for me

  40. Jacob LaVallee says:


  41. Linda Foltz says:

    8 – for Michael Mears

  42. Sorry. Mine accidentally submitted 3 times. (same number, though)

  43. Linda Foltz says:

    The number 8 – for Michael Mears

  44. lexi says:

    18-Michael Mears. it's my favorite number, believe in it Michael!

  45. JoshC says:

    66 show me the money

  46. cheech says:

    20 for michael mears!

  47. matthew heimann says:


  48. Dan Hackett says:

    uhm… 100

  49. djchuang says:

    the moment you've all been waiting for… looking up the random numbers table at, row 66… and the winning number is 48… the closest # is 46… so the winner is Sondra Rush! congratulations!

    Thanks for all the numbers, comments, and guesses. The rest of us will have to experience Exponential vicariously via her blog AND via the Live video interviews at with emcee Scott Hodge!

  50. Can't wait for my life to be changed at Exponential ! I'm a new church planter, planting this summer in Orlando! (24)

  51. NOC says:

    The NOC plans on visiting this blog today – at the risk of changing the subject! We hope that a dialogue will not distract from those who are attending Exponential – an essential learning experience for church planters…

  52. musica says:

    it sounds nice i take 87

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