Tim Keller book tour

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  1. Westminster Bookstore (www.wtsbooks.com) has the book and the audio book both in stock and for less than Amazon.

    Also, Westminster Bookstore will be hosting a book tour visit of Tim Keller to be held on March 11 at 7:30 p.m. at the Harrison Auditorium of the Penn Museum at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Watch for details on our bookstore blog (www.westminsterbookstore.com) or on the front page of our web store.

    Mark Traphagen
    Westminster Bookstore

  2. Bumble says:

    Any tour in SoCal?

  3. solomon li says:

    if only we had an RUF in so cal… that might bring keller into our midst.

    unfortunately, it looks like a tough sell. i’m sure he’ll want to go back to preach at redeemer on sunday… we gotta get the presbyteries down here to get him to come out some day!

  4. djchuang says:

    The contact form on the official website has a selectable category to contact the publicist for Tim Keller appearances. So, it may well be plausible that Keller could be invited to Southern California! Who’s going to make the ask? 🙂

  5. HC says:

    I’d like to ask him about that apostasy warning that was out on him by a reformed apologetics site here in California. Does anyone know if he’ll be coming to California?