new look from upgrading WordPress

Happy 4th of July! Laying low and staying inside today because of a slight sunburn yesterday at Wild Rivers, even though I used suntan lotion, maybe unevenly. Will join neighbor for BBQ at dinner and watch the fireworks at Grand Park from our bluff overlook.

Upgraded to WordPress 2.5.1 today, and will stick to pre-designed themes and widgets for this site — for ease of upgradability and speediness.

I loved my previous website design, which had tons of customization code and colors that was adapted from Unsleepable. But, that prevented me from easily switching themes nor upgrade WordPress versions. And, I’ve had 3 or 4 people say my website wouldn’t load in their MSIE browser.

So, this new look is to keep things clean, not intended to be permanent, and it does make all the content available in the navigation, and it should feel squeaky clean and faster too.

[tech notes:: I tried to use the cos-html-cache plugin to speed things up even more, but couldn’t get it to work; started with a clean slate without plugins — did install cforms, Google Analyticator, TanTan’s Xanga Crosspost, Most Commented, and MP3-o-Matic; started with plaintxtBlog theme]

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2 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    The salute to my favorite beverage in the banner is a nice touch.

    We had Jeff S. in for some consulting the other day and chatting about you and the family, how you all pit-stopped in Atl, etc.

  2. Reyes-Chow says:

    While, I did like your last design, I understand the need for smooth integration. Plus coffee is always good in any form. Looks good my friend!

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