Cefiore fro yo video contest

Viral marketing. Buzz marketing. A trendy business idea that’s still emerging, and apparently very difficult to implement and fan into flames. Needs much more costly research and development. Or, perhaps, organizational transformation.

Cefiore launches this “Fro Yo Yourself!” online video contest on July 28th that’s ending on September 15th. The pitch: “Create a 30 to 60 second video showing America how much you love Cefiore for the chance to win $2,500 and free frozen yogurt for one year!” [via]

There’s a promo banner at the top of the fro yo franchise home page, there’s a Facebook fan page, there’s a YouTube promo video, detailed contest rules with legalese.

It’s August 29th. Just 2 weeks left. How do things look?

At the time of this post, 173 Facebook fans. 686 views of the promo video, with 0 comments, 1 favorited, 3 ratings. The promo video itself is over 60 seconds, with a running time of 1:22. Only 1 member (me) in the YouTube group for the contest other than the creator, which was incorrectly linked in the Content Rules to the CefioreFroYo channel. And, the content entry form doesn’t have a blank for where to enter the submitted YouTube video URL/ web address. Is the contest called “Sweeten Your Summer with Cefiore” or “Fro Yo Yourself!”?

Maybe people are taking extra time to produce and edit some great videos. I wish things were going better and there woulda been more visible activity.

If I get a chance to stop by before 9/10 (b/c I’m travelling 9/11), I’ll stop by Cefiore (closest one to me is Huntington Beach, 20+ mins away) and shoot a 1-minute video.

Curious who’ll win? You’ll have to mail in for the results:

For the name of the Grand Prize Winner, available after September 20, 2008, send your request with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Cefiore’s “Sweeten Your Summer with Cefiore” Contest Winner, 19481 San Jose Avenue, CA 91748. Requests must be received by September 30, 2008.

[aside] cf. $50 iTunes Giveaway – Culture11 Best Diary Contest, with a winner every day until September 26th.

Content rules say that diary content becomes “exclusive property of Culture11”. Nevertheless, I think this contest will get more action.

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