Tim Keller on Preaching

Colin “Unashamed Workman” Adams has a great series where he’s been interviewing preaching pastors via 10 questions. He asked Tim Keller about preaching, and he got a response to all 10 questions + 1 comment!

Q: What are the greatest perils that preacher must avoid?
A: This seems to me too big a question to tackle here. Virtually everything a preacher ought to do has an corresponding peril-to-avoid. For examples, preaching should be Biblical, clear (for the mind), practical (for the will), vivid (for the heart,) warm, forceful, and Christo-centric. You should avoid the opposites of all these things.

Read the entire interview >>

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  1. Bumble says:

    Hey, I discovered this Keller’s talk tonight: http://www.hfny.org/keller/WhyJusticeisSoImportantNow.mp3
    I don’t think I see it on your page, Monergism, or McCoy site yet…

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