finding free wifi internet hotspots

Even though I typically use my T-mobile hotspot subscription to login at nearby Starbucks and Borders, I can also enjoy the occasional free wifi internet from other venues I stumble upon. They can be kinda hard to find, at least in places I frequent like around metro Washington DC, or, now, around Orange County. I reguarly use the Wi-Fi FreeSpot Directory — this shows up #1 on a Google search for “free wifi” and in the last year over 4000 new locations have been added.

But I found 3 4 other great free wifi directories online with web 2.0 collaboration that maintains a current and up-to-date directory (but haven’t accrued enough Google juice and I hope my link and yours will help):

(Statistics were self-reporting from each directory, at time of this blog post.)

There you go — now you can stay connected. Just have to remember to bring your laptop, and keep your battery charged. If you find other great free wifi directories, please do add a comment to this post.

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