my Generous Orthodoxy arrives

There it was, waiting for me in the smiley box, my pre-ordered copy of a Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McLaren, has finally arrived!

It came with a blue diamond-shaped sticker, with a money-back guarantee:

We guarantee you’ll love this book, or it’s FREE (Peel Here)

And on the sticker back, it says:

Mail this book to:
[Zondervan address] with your receipt, name, address, and reason for dissatisfaction, and we’ll send you a coupon for the purchase price, to be used for any Zondervan product at participating bookstores. Expres 2 months from date on purchase receipt.

I’ll do my best to read the book within 2 months, and let you know if I love it or not. *sarcasm*

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  1. Natala says:

    — Just made my amazon order. Thanks for the heads up, I am excited to read it.

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