Monthly Archive: October 2004

old fashioned ice cream parlor 1

old fashioned ice cream parlor

Came across a hot find last night, while wandering Old Town Philadelphia in search of some eats, after a few days up there with wifey and son (lots of blogworthy things, but used my online moments to work from remote).....

space for emotions 0

space for emotions

I’ve started listening (picked up where I last left off) to the audio book version of Emotional Intelligence.. and via a rather circuitous route, I think I’ve developed notable emotional capacity in more areas than I thought I had, over...

Postmodern Worship on a Farm 0

Postmodern Worship on a Farm

Good to be back home, being at a nice hotel resort is, well, nice, but I started getting cabin fever after a few days. An adventure getting back, we squeezed in (as I’m often known to do with how I...