Monthly Archive: August 2004

big upcoming weekend 0

big upcoming weekend

I’m in the final days before being a part of running a big event we call the Leaders Forum, an invite-only event for Asian North American leaders (a friendlier term to be inclusive of our friends north of the border)....

bloggers descending upon DC 0

bloggers descending upon DC

Bloggers have already landed and doing their thing at JournalCon in downtown DC, near Logan Circle.. hope to swing by, meet some people, hang out..

partisan rally 0

partisan rally

Pastors and rock stars are weighing in on this year’s presidential election, weighty words like “most important in my lifetime” being tossed in, as if to use their positions of influence, to sway the hoi polloi, rather than staying within...

California Tortilla in Arlington 0

California Tortilla in Arlington

more intel’ for you food lovers — They’re giving away FREE burritos at the new Arlington California Tortilla tomorrow (Wednesday 8/18) from 11am – 2pm and from 5pm – 8pm. They’re located at 2057 Wilson Blvd (corner of Wilson Blvd....

my life cache goes back to 1999 0

my life cache goes back to 1999

A small sense of accomplishment (getting things done doesn’t do all that much for me): finished going through my whole blog back to June 1999 and cleaned up the HTML code that was left behind by the most recent export/import...

the fascination about megachurches 2

the fascination about megachurches

Fastest Growing Churches, 2000-2004, the gain is listed. 1. 14,060 Lakewood Church Houston, TX 2. 12,570 Without Walls Int’l Church Tampa, FL. 3. 11,300 The Potter’s House Dallas, TX 4. 10,200 North Point Community Church Alpharetta, GA 5. 9,950 Fellowship...

eQuip Chat 0

eQuip Chat

Come IM at the first ever eQuip Chat using a group chat room on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) on Monday, August 16th, 2004 at 3:00pm Eastern Time (12:00pm Pacific). The topic for this chat will be: “Everything You’ve Wanted to...

2 audio blogs 0

2 audio blogs

my not so dramatic readings of 2 blog entries from one uninspired that inspired me, and one of my friend’s enjoying the weather: