Monthly Archive: July 2004

edging towards burnout? 0

edging towards burnout?

Perish the thought that crossed my mind this week, as I sat at my office cubicle, with 3 LCD screens before me (2 laptops, 1 with an extra screen for extra desktop space, very nice), and I wondered if I...

not all that geeky 0

not all that geeky

but maybe geekier than your average person? I’ve not come across an online quiz to measure my geek factor, but perhaps I am more of one than the average bear. To be an ultimate geek, I’d need to have much...

amateur networker

amateur networker

I love networking — meeting new people, engaging in dynamic and diverse conversations, making introductions when the opportunity seems probable or even remotely possible.. this entry sparked from recent find of: The 10 Secrets of a Master Networker (Keith Ferrazzi...

occasional blogger meetup 1

occasional blogger meetup

hung out with fellow blogger Willzhead this morning at Starbucks, and enjoyed hangin’ out and shared common threads of our life stories, as both of us have meandered around theology, emergent church, technology, non-profit, and for me, potentially entrepreneural ventures...

Friends of Sam 0

Friends of Sam

Jen Lemen is putting out the invite to get friends of Sam to be sharing with each other via Google Groups, as we pray and work together to support the Carrasco’s through their new challenges of life. Sign up below....

new blog location + nature of blogs 0

new blog location + nature of blogs

Welcome! You’ve found your way here, this is my new blog location, still being moved into, and it may take weeks to get completely renovated, revised, and made to feel at home. Please update your bookmarks, RSS feeds, and whatever...

show some love to Sam Carrasco 1

show some love to Sam Carrasco

Rudy and family just discovered his precious son Sam has been diagnosed with leukemia. Jen is helping rally the blogosphere to show some love via Paypal, and encourage and support Rudy’s family through this test of faith. Click through to...

web hosting change in process 0

web hosting change in process

This website is getting changed to a new web host, and that means comments and trackbacks will be temporarily unavailable, probably for a few days, while I get everything re-installed, and possibly re-designed..