Monthly Archive: April 2004

drawing blank 0

drawing blank

I’m like most people (one of the few ways I am), that when I’m put on the spot, or taken by surprise, instead of being able to come up with a snappy + witty comeback, or thinking quick on my...

decompress 0


after a full day of dialogue at the API Pulpit & Pew Symposium, mostly structured in working groups, I now have a break to decompress for a moment.. some engaging conversations, and I find myself straining my vocal cords, instead...

research mode 0

research mode

leaving out the door in a sec, bound for cross-country flight (direct, courtesy JetBlue an API symposium until Saturday; sms text message me on my home page and perhaps we can meetup or just chat on phone.. I’m using public...

The Connection? 0

The Connection?

Question >> What is your opinion about The Apprentice, and how does it relate to the postmodern church?

worlds colliding 0

worlds colliding

(I had said this before but hadn’t blogged it) The Apprentice is being revealed tonight.. I started watching a few weeks after it began, wasn’t on top of that venue, great to see the building momentum over the past few...

Holy Weekend 0

Holy Weekend

The Chuang family has a tradition (being untraditional as we are), going on for what, at least 3 years now, to worship at as many churches as possible during Easter weekend.. in the past, one year we took in a...

audience of one 0

audience of one

after 2 road trips in the past week, by plane to LA for AALC (where I got to meetup w/ fast-talker Anna and others) and by train to Raleigh for TYF, I’ve felt pretty tired and gone to bed early...