Monthly Archive: February 2004

11 voices in 1

11 voices in 1

emerging conversations rollup (rss) = jenlemen + ianua + urbanonramps + tallskinnykiwi + sivinkit + RealLivePreacher + e-church + jordoncooper + deanne + openbook + thursdaypm rachelle .. in no particular order – what’ll you rollup?

Jews’ Passion Perspectives 0

Jews’ Passion Perspectives has its coverage of the hot topic of the week, about The Movie — their complete Passion coverage is billed this way: “Tired of Passion coverage? Well, sorry. This area is reserved for people who just can’t get enough...

twice in 24 hours 0

twice in 24 hours

I went to my 2nd screening of The Movie this afternoon, viewing it twice in less than 24 hours.. it was just as compelling, gripping, and captivating as the first time. The story is already familiar, even before the 1st...

stunned 0


that’s the best word I could think of to capture the impact of it.. stunned.. just returned from an opening night screening of The Movie, and it was a largely full house, and mostly silent after the 2:05 running time...

745pm tonight 0

745pm tonight

I’ve done the deed, what I clicked I have clicked.. 1 ticket to see The Movie tonight at my neighborhood theater, courtesy of Fandango.. decided to see it alone and not with friends or strangers b/c I’m culpable for my...

introspective inspiration 0

introspective inspiration

I’m a little late on the American Idol fad, and don’t think I’ll ever get on that bandwagon, tho’ I’m definitely on The Apprentice bandwagon – how can you not laugh when The Donald says “you’re fired” with the New...

them post-evangelicals 0

them post-evangelicals

Al Mohler doesn’t think post-evangelicals are any bit evangelical.. what else is new? does anyone smell another “open letter” emerging on the horizon? 🙂

my interview with Brian McLaren 0

my interview with Brian McLaren

my interview with Brian McLaren is getting top billing at the newly redesigned – done a while back, it’s nice to see it come to the light of day, and perhaps even reveals a couple of new thoughts, amidst...