more ministry outside of ministry

ran into a pastor friend last weekend, and though we didn’t get to talk in person, we talked on the phone this week, and it dawned on me, in our dialogue, that in retrospect, having gone through the vocational (paid) pastoral ministry route, and at the moment not on that track, that I get to do more real life-on-life ministry outside of full-time paid ministry. What had been the inspiration and motivation for getting into ministry in the first place was for me to get more time to be with people, to do life together, to have spiritual conversations, to minister to the real needs of people with words of encouragement and wisdom, and seeing life change up close. But in reality, pastoral ministry was more about administration and getting programs setup and coordinated, and training people, and teaching people, and more time spent on preparation and empowering people to do the real work of ministry, than getting to actually do ministry. So vocational pastoral ministry is more about teaching, empowering, and at times feeling like telling people what to do and how to do it, and while there’s a place for that, and a vital role that it is (cf. Ephesians 4), it isn’t what all stirs me + gets my juices going. I’m not much into telling people what to do, and it seems that a good number of people want to know the how-to’s. I’d much prefer sparking the light of ideas for people, and see them take off with their heart’s passion for the Kingdom of God.

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