Monthly Archive: June 2003

Dallas the consummate suburb 0

Dallas the consummate suburb

Here in Dallas for a weekend wedding, and it was very much the event of the decade, bringing together a big extended family + 4 church pods from Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and Minnesota, some 400-500 people, biggest wedding reception...

back to the past 0

back to the past

this weekend is a retro trip to Dallas [the occasion: my best man?s wedding, finally getting married after years of hangin? on to his idealistic 7-C?s checklist for a mate; perhaps, the event of the decade in his circles], where...

spring was washed out 0

spring was washed out

having endured yet another rainy morning, tho? it cleared up nicely by late afternoon, we?ve had so much rain here in DC that Spring was washed away, and tomorrow inaugurates Summer 2003.. caught up with 2 ol? friends this week,...

Starbucks Everywhere 0

Starbucks Everywhere

Starbucks Everywhere here?s a guy whose goal is to visit every Starbucks in the world.. takes a picture at every one of ?em he?s been too.. got to every one near me, here in metro Washington DC..

networking XP and 98 0

networking XP and 98

finding it rather challenging to get my new Win XP computer to talk to my old Win 98 computer, got them all connected up via ethernet and all, but they don?t want to see each other in the ?hood.. so...

return of the CB 0

return of the CB

while sitting in traffic on the commute back from NC last weekend, I thought up another idea: wouldn?t it be great if cell phones stored profiles, and would flag others on the same cell tower with intersecting profiles? so as...

Starbucks? Drinks Simplified 0

Starbucks? Drinks Simplified

Starbucks? Drinks Simplified (kinda) I finally found ?em – a whole slew of coffee drink ordering guides, just wasn?t able to land the right search term until today when I used latte lingo, and lo and behold, now you too...

temporary friendliness 0

temporary friendliness

People expect a church to be a friendly place, with all the talk and teaching about love and grace.. yet the temporary sugary wide-eyed smiley praise-the-Lord often comes off as, I don?t know how to say it with any more...