Monthly Archive: May 2003

church vs the real world 0

church vs the real world

i?ve been on a tangential spiritual path, and discovering the separatistic great wall of the churched and unchurched.. having vested over a decade past in typical contemporaryish genericized church (many formed by the same 2 sources of Willow and Saddleback...

death to seminaries 0

death to seminaries

swanger opened his blog entry with: ?I think the institution of the seminary is fundamentally flawed. Seminaries must be destroyed for Christianity to flourish.? (tho? one should read the entire entry to understand its context) this parallels a thought I?ve...

it’s Ruben! 0

it’s Ruben!

congratulations to Ruben, the new American Idol! first time I?ve watched the show, after hearing quite the buzz, most fascinating is the families that gather around to watch it, and wanting it to count as family time.. sorta like going...

reloaded + reality 0

reloaded + reality

i got Reloaded yesterday as a part of a sold-out audience, enjoyed the fights and special effects, over the top.. i thought the philosophizing was great, especially by the French dude, but i couldn’t track with all of it.. my...

monetizing websites 0

monetizing websites

i have occasional conversations with friends + visitors to my web site, about how i might one day monetize this dot-com, which I don?t think is all that feasible in this dot-bomb post-dot-com-boom age, nor am i motivated to do...

99 Cows eBook 0

99 Cows eBook

Let’s see how viral the IdeaVirus guru would react if people blogged about his new eBook, 99 Cows, for free, which he’s selling for $10 next week.

measuring blog success 0

measuring blog success

been having an email exchange with Donna, who is also a part of the same church that I?ve been at, and tho? we haven?t actually met (yet), we?ve been sharing a few ideas using the latest + greatest technology of...

interim at home base 0

interim at home base

2nd of 2 nights at home.. away last weekend, and will be away this weekend to Raleigh for TYF.. enjoyed beautiful weather (not a drop of rain!) in the Pacific Northwest between Seattle and Vancouver, getting to set my foot...