Monthly Archive: April 2003

information overload 0

information overload

Question> OK, here is my question. In this crazy world packed full of info, how do you keep up with it all and make the right choices in what to read? How on earth do you have time to read...

I’ve been using Blogger a while.. 0

I’ve been using Blogger a while..

?.. yes boys + girls, I?ve been bloggin? for a while on Blogger.. and as I?ve just switched web hosts, I?m contemplating a change some time to the whole web site, thinking about pMachine or Moveable Type to really rev...

I spoiled my surprise 0

I spoiled my surprise

got an email newsletter for local best bets in entertainment, and I roared to my wife that Jerry is coming to town in July! And instead of rejoicing with those who rejoice, she wailed ?No fair!? and that I ruined...

silent to celebration 0

silent to celebration

it’s going to take me longer to adjust to Daylight savings time.. preferring to stay up an hour later than to get to bed at my normal time of 10pm… surfed around a buncha blogs, and you’d think there’d be...

spiritual discipline, not 0

spiritual discipline, not

this “spiritual discipline” is NOT for the faint of heart or the easily offended (you were warned).. [had tried to make this entry using Blogbar, but it mangled the hyperlink, now fixed – thanks for noticing Wayne]

church attendance, high or low? 0

church attendance, high or low?

depending on who?s counting, church attendance in the US has grown in the past 200 years to around 61% (est. 2000, cf. The Churching of America, by Finke & Stark), declined 5% to 55% in 1998 (cf. U.Michigan Institute for...

getting in the way of war 0

getting in the way of war

Christian Peacemaker Teams ran interference during the war in Iraq, and there?s several interviews with some team members, after they were expelled by the Iraqi.. Mennonite Pastor, Weldon Nisly [BBC interview audio from The World], Scott Kerr (MSNBC/Newsweek), Shane Claiborne...

now RSS compliant! 0

now RSS compliant!

this blog is now RSS XML compliant .. courtesy Blogger Pro?s beta feature, which probably hasn?t been publicized too much, but now that I?ve noticed that more visits are coming to my journal [blog] than to my home page, maybe...