Monthly Archive: April 2003

WiFi disconnect 0

WiFi disconnect

hailing from Seattle for this blog entry.. came out via transfer point in Denver – first time I’ve touched ground there.. but it was a very short moment, and the banners announcing their wireless internet access just outside of the...

pre-trip insomnia 0

pre-trip insomnia

i’ll be on a cross-country plane trip in a few hours, and didn’t get as much sleep as I’d hoped, as in I wish I coulda slept right up to when I had to get up to leave, which was...

evangelical + nonfoundational? 0

evangelical + nonfoundational?

Rodney Clapp?s how firm a foundation : can evangelicals be nonfoundationalists? makes a good case for being a bona fide follower of Christ and not having to subscribe to absolute epistemological certainty.. Foundationalism, modeling its logic on mathematics and striving...

NSOUL Free Ministry Music Giveaways! 0

NSOUL Free Ministry Music Giveaways!

youth culture being music-driven and all, here?s a hot freebie I just got in my emailbox:: NSOUL Records has been leading he way in evangelizing Youth Culture for the past 9 years. With artists like Nitro Praise, Prodigal Sons, Lakita,...

ideas happen 0

ideas happen

I love ideas, and is a great (corporate sponsored) contest for rewarding great ideas.. bummer that it’s only for 18-29 year olds. Will tune in to hear their pitches, that’s for sure.. heard a piece on NPR on the...

response to Premarital Sex article 0

response to Premarital Sex article

Danny Harrell has responded to the reactions he?d got, in The Sign of Marriage, from his original article There?s No Such Thing as Premarital Sex [cached]

theological litmus test 0

theological litmus test

in a previous email dialogue with an alum from my seminary, I put together this metrix for measuring what he seemed to be trying to label as “liberal” vs. “conservative” .. I’d imagine there are some out there who are...

Pastors should befriend their congregation 0

Pastors should befriend their congregation

Pulpit & Pew article: It?s Okay to Go There: The Place of Friendship in Ministry ? I?ve always been an advocate of pastors being friends with their congregation members (parishioners), and here?s research data to support the value of this,...