Monthly Archive: January 2003

people w/ bipolar disorder 0

people w/ bipolar disorder

Question> Do people with bipolar disorder have a place in this world? djchuang>> Yes. Every person with bipolar or without have a place in this world! Regardless of the shape, ailment, status, or size a person is born with or...

my sound bite, NPR-style 0

my sound bite, NPR-style

just found the [hidden] online archive to the radio interview with excerpts from yours truly, after some extra effort hackin’ 🙂 it was interesting to hear how the interviewer put the piece together, because I wasn’t sure which angle he...

back East 0

back East

back to metro DC, being welcomed by a snowstorm that came out of I don’t know where.. then again, I don’t know b/c I wasn’t watching the weather forecasts while being on vacation for the past couple of weeks. Was...