Monthly Archive: November 2002

mixing bowl delay 0

mixing bowl delay

I’m in Raleigh (again) this weekend, after a tedious drive down from metro DC, the most tiring part being from Tysons to Springfield taking over an hour (!).. and it wasn’t even rubbernecking delay, just a ripple congestion merge kind...

Thanksgiving Thoughts 2002 0

Thanksgiving Thoughts 2002

thoughts for this Thanksgiving- I’m most grateful for the life I can enjoy with my wife and son, they’ve been most enjoyable to be with this year, and I’ve also had a good year of work and life rhythms, coming...

can you handle truth? 0

can you handle truth?

I pretty much disagree with this comment: “People want to know you’re human, but not much more.” quote from an article about transparent ministers in the Fall 2002 issue of Leadership; note the perspective about guarded transparency is (1) from...



ALL LOOK SAME can you tell Asians apart (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)? Here’s a nify online test to see; I scored 11 out of 18..

why your church sucks 0

why your church sucks

Found this candid article, 10 reasons why your church sucks, on TheOoze: 1. It does not understand the community at large 2. It has poor leadership 3. It has no solid vision 4. It is graying, quickly 5. It?s inbred...