Monthly Archive: October 2002

cards on table 0

cards on table

cool beans – TheOoze’s Soularize gets a write up; I’m out here in Cali for the long weekend (MDR to be exact), it is overcast at the moment, sure hope it clears up, tho’ I’m spending most of the time...

raw transparency 0

raw transparency

this blogger is insanely real transparent, sharing about the most recent event in his wife’s life – a miscarriage – and he’s a pastor at that.. how do you think people or congregation will respond to this kind of vulnerability... 0 Legal Information, Books, Software and Forms, a publisher of do-it-yourself law

freedom of information 0

freedom of information

I’d side with the media on this one: The Leak That Sank the Suspects – to have had more pertinent information out there about the sniper, particularly during the manhunt, would have and did help bring to a close this...

Holy Mackerel 0

Holy Mackerel

Holy Mackerel: If Church Man Hates A Choir, He Says So (1993 WSJ article)

overpay ok, drinks not 0

overpay ok, drinks not

woke up to a bright glimmer of hope, as sniper suspects were detained at a rest stop – even criminals need sleep, good thing. other items in the news goes to show that having institutionally imposed morality doesn’t prevent huge...