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transparent open-book relationships 0

transparent open-book relationships

Maybe what I’ve been thinking about transparent open-book relationships hasn’t been so off-base after all (!) Here’s an excerpt from an article by Scott Larson:: Transparency and vulnerability are not the same. My friend whose sexual sin was recently exposed...

no to resolutions 0

no to resolutions

This is a new year, and I don’t have any resolutions.. from what I read and hear, those things don’t work for most people anyways.. setting goals be it on New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, or some other...

authenticly transparent pastoring 0

authenticly transparent pastoring

djchuang asks a question of Brian McLaren >> How do those of us who have been trained in the modern mode of pastoring/ leadership (leader who is seemingly without struggle, got their life together) transition to be more authentic and...