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Orbitz a new lowest-rate finder for flights, hotel, rental cars, cruises, package deals; will edit this note after I try them out and see if they can beat the regular travel sites

went to a writer’s conference

went to a writer’s conference

went to a writer’s conference last weekend.. was my first introduction into the publishing world; many of the attendees (around 150 or so) were aspiring to the day when they’d be professional writers, to get paid enough for their writing...

Daily Quick Question 0

Daily Quick Question

Daily Quick Question for a free CD or 4 issues of U.S. News magazine; the deal is you fill out today’s daily survey, and you can claim free music or free magazine.. you get a total of 12 CD’s for...

How Asian are you? 0

How Asian are you?

How Asian are you 105 questions to test your knowledge of Asian American culture (some pop, some not)

Phil Johnson’s Theological Bookmarks 0

Phil Johnson’s Theological Bookmarks

Phil Johnson’s Bookmarks nice annotated bookmarks for theological web sites, measured from a Reformed Theology perspective – so he lists his site critiques of bad theology, really bad theology, and really really bad theology; and also does mention good theology”...

doin’ lots of things the 0

doin’ lots of things the

doin’ lots of things the past coupla months, after my personal breakthru, which means you’re not feasting on frequent entries here at the ol’ blog.. i’ve been sportin’ 4 business cards during my social/professional networking, and it’s been fun telling...