Monthly Archive: June 2001

my other journal reader fessed 0

my other journal reader fessed

my other journal reader fessed up to his addition here (God help us all), and he commented about my recent delite of being online at an outdoor coffee shop in the Big Apple, wishing he could be there, munching and...

a happy road warrior 1

a happy road warrior

here i was, a happy road warrior, in NYC for the day on a business meeting (coming up and back via train), and online with my wireless modem, checkin’ in with my online life.. chompin’ on a bagel and schmear,...

Metafilter 0


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since i’m up, i’ll drop 1

since i’m up, i’ll drop

since i’m up, i’ll drop a line here.. heard a great metaphor about building a multicultural community (be it a church or some other types of organization).. there are those who are intentional about making it happen, by doing the...

had a crazy dream this 0

had a crazy dream this

had a crazy dream this week.. was at a conference with some key leaders, but it was a small room, crowded, and hot & muggy.. most everyone had dressed down into t-shirts and shirts, and bearing with the discomforts of... 0 find the lowest gas prices in your neighborhood, sorted by zip code, compiled by over 30,000 volunteer price spotters (you can be one, even tho’ I’m not) 0 big index of mortgage rates, CD rates, auto loans, credit cards, mortgage news and more; great for comparison shopping on financial commodities, to save and to make it

Asian Catholics 0

Asian Catholics

Are you involved with any ecumenical work with Asian Catholics? Are you familiar with the ancient history of the Orthodox Christian Church in Asia? ePastor >> I personally am not involved in ecumenical work with Asian Catholics, but I have...