Monthly Archive: November 2000

family get together + new job 0

family get together + new job

Thanksgiving weekend brings family together for a big meal (ours was at a new Chinese buffet place at Fairfax Circle), lots of shopping congestion (I stayed home to hang out with my son), and maybe a few more hits on...

live without secrets 0

live without secrets

“live as if there were no secrets” was a quote I heard on the radio, talkin’ about how we should live, to avoid sin, to have skeleton in the closet; I’d radicalize it and say “live with no secrets”, along...

slightly enhanced look 0

slightly enhanced look

checking the logs, I see that there are a few of you faithfuls out there who read my entries here, so I thought I’d be nice and redecorate a little here, and hope you like the slightly enhanced look.. if...