Monthly Archive: July 2000

I’m a multitasker 0

I’m a multitasker

my latest self-discovery is the particular mix in me, as I consider what it is that makes me tick and think and do and don’t do.. I’ve found that I have a great _capacity_ to do lots of things, as...

conversational power play 0

conversational power play

this entry will probably not make sense to you, b/c it will be written in the highly abstract; but if you can engage with it, more power to you! 🙂 thinking about a recent conversation that was particularly intruging for...

tape absorption 0

tape absorption

my brain power is being consumed with usual routines these weeks, no spare cycles to ponder the metaphysical matters of the world.. the past week and this week I’m preaching at my church, and have started a “Sunday School” class...