2 shy

My Bloglines reader tells me I have 498 feeds, 2 shy of 500. Hearing Robert Scoble on a podcast say that he was subscribed to 1400 feeds, and I’d imagine he’s broken 1500 by now, I don’t feel so bad for reading & skimming so many. Granted, I’m behind on my RSS blog reading and intel’ gathering, partly due to a recent web server crash, and also an overloaded lifestyle. I’m starting to incorporate smarter “keywords” and “watch list” technologies to scour the web for certain things outside of my RSS subscriber list.

For this website, after I rollover every web page to my current template, I’m contemplating a switch to WordPress. Will make good use of a b2evolution to WordPress migration tool someone put together. If Rudy can switch over in 10 minutes, I’m up for it.

And, they’ve finally announced the date and location for GodBlogCon 2005: it’ll be at Biola University near Los Angeles, October 13-15. The pundit called it.

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