auto podcast feed maker

Has anyone seen an auto Podcast feed maker? (or could code one up?) It’d be great to have a web service (PHP code? then lots of people could install it on their own server) that can automatically crawl a specified web page for MP3 files, creates an RSS 2.0 feed, and allow people to subscribe to it.

Here’s what I’m thinking: let’s say I go to, and on the page is a form for me to enter the URL to a web page, like . Then the feedme.php code would generate an podcast feed (RSS 2.0 feed, with enclosures) of all the MP3s on that page, which can be subscribed to by iPodder. Plus, crawl that page once a day (or when pinged) for new MP3s to add into the podcast feed. Get it? Wouldn’t that be nice?

What I did find on the web recently is, a robust directory of free wifi hotspots. I tried to get the wiPod directory (download a directory of wifi freespots in text format, which can be installed onto an iPod), but it wasn’t working. I emailed tech support, and they’re allegedly working on it.

[update: this remcaster php script does the job! Thanks Nick]

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  1. Aaron says:

    i love the idea! I have no clue how to do it, but would love to learn/support. i’d love to run something like this on (though a lot of the audio is of the streaming variety. it would be cool if there were a script that could find real media or other streaming audio and convert it to mp3 so it could be downloaded. not sure if that is possible, but it would be sweet).

  2. Tim Bednar says:

    This is exactly what you’re talking about. I have not used it, but will when I finally post my next podcast.

  3. djchuang says:

    Tim, thanks for the comment. But podifier does the opposite of what I’d like, podifier is great for a publisher of MP3 files.

    I want to be a listener to MP3 files already posted and linked on a web page, and to have a web-based script crawl that web page (and other web pages I specify), and auto-generate a podcast feed with MP3 files already online.

  4. Nick Ciske says:

    Well, I hacked something together, I’m certain it’s not optimized, and may piss off the web site on the receiving end (there no caching- it scrapes the entire page every time you ping it), so use at your own risk.

    And now I must sleep…