Monthly Archive: July 1999

how do you spell relief? 0

how do you spell relief?

i think i’m still feeling it from the heat of the east, as several days of 100+ temperature has skewered the metro DC area.. our a/c is running at home practically all the time.. and with the slow recovering, it...

fish bowl lifestyle 0

fish bowl lifestyle

there’s talk here and there about privacy, and how queezy some people I know get when things are made known about them, whether it’s a candid photo, or a story where their name is mentioned, or paranoic attempts to hide...

long week and weekend 0

long week and weekend

I was passed along an interesting article about the marriage trends of our times, based on recent studies from Rutgers University… I personally find it bad form for those that push for marriage, a la matchmakers, or those that pester...