14 days towards insanity

Happy New Year! startin’ off with an exaggerated title, descriptive of my long vacation for the past 2 weeks, which I’m discovering is too long for me.. I don’t know how people do it, to take long vacations or to look forward to retirement.. it’s not for me.. I do much better having engaging conversations and invigorating work than to sit around recreationing and entertaining and vacationing.. having been so long out of a normal work life routine, I feel much out of rhythm.. returning on a cross-country flight later today, and will touch down in Dulles by midnight

term I’m hearing is “needing a vacation from a vacation”.. and maybe it’s the particular context of vacationing with extended family, that makes it a different challenge, with family dynamics, and emotional depravation, making it that kind of experience.. lessons learned: vacation no longer than a week; extended family times don’t equate to vacationing; maintain low expectations from certain peoples; still better to have family than to not..

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  1. scott hodge says:

    i agree, i agree and yes, I agree.

  2. vacations are about eating and sleeping for me… time to refresh and renew.. 😛