wrong train blogging

I got on the (what I thought was the) homebound train, and wound up going who knows where. Got on the D instead of the B, both of them were orange, and wound up on a longer ride than usual, way past the 81st Street I was aiming for. Eventually got off at the next stop on 125th, and worked my way back downtown. Blogging this on the subway back.

Now, for tonight’s feature meetup. Hung out tonight with Hosive (aka Joseph Tsang) and had some great Chinese soup dumplings and some other authentics at Joe’s Ginger (cf. NYT review). He’s a great leader too, whatever that means. Having been described as edgy, and the alternative voice, among other things, though I don’t think he’ll ever get compared to Mao. Just a clear and compelling call to be a pastor and living that out, no compulsion to build a big organization or fast ramp to the conference circuit.

Hosive opening door

Took me a few minutes to get decompressed from my day full of meetings, and then we had some friendly laughs about stand-up comedian, which I think is half of his calling. The other half is clearly pastoral. The secret to comedy (my childhood fantasy is to be a stand-up comedian – that’s my Only Joke) is to good memory, and telling a joke fresh as if the first time, like preaching too. My fatal flaw is that I hate the mundane and routine, and don’t like doing the same thing twice. So, no comedy for me! The thought crossed our mind, at my suggestion, to drop in at a comedy club. We wound up taking a stroll out of Chinatown, into SoHo, and the Village, Greenwich Village. Cool stop at Peanut Butter & Co. No visit with the Dumpling Man (blog) or swishgirl on this trip.

[postscript: I blog the above at 10:00pm. I decided to do the right thing and make a visit with my cousin-in-law, Kevin Lee (no link love b/c no blog, but photo below). We hung out at the Edgar Cafe, talking mostly about the emotional adventures of excitement and risks with doing non-profit startups. My amateur wisdom: no one right way to do things in the world of startups; no guarantees of success even when executing the best of strategies and planning; contingency planning might & could be optional- cross that bridge when you cross that bridge.]

late night with Kevin Lee

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