Asian Americans online enclaves

How do Asian Americans use the Internet?

Asian Americans who speak English are one of the most connected groups in the country. Internet penetration is significantly higher among Asian Americans than it is for all other ethnic groups. … the Internet is more integrated into the daily lives of Asian Americans, who are more likely to engage in many Internet activities on a day-to-day basis than users of other ethnicities.” (Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2001)

The same people groups that resisted faith-based radio and television ? mainline Protestants, Catholics, Asian-Americans, and the unchurched ? were also the least likely visitors to these locations on the worldwide web.” (Barna, March 2005)

At this stage in the development of the Internet, people are “less interested about getting online and meeting new people,” [Paul] Brody said. These days, people “really want to do a better job of keeping up with the relationships that they already have.” (eWeek article, today)

Perhaps mostly for maintaining relationships with people they already know, and not so much for growing new relationships, not to consume broadcast religious media. How do you connect the dots?

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