1 reason to switch

MacWorld (conference and expo) is this week. While I’m not a Mac evangelist or fanatic, when Steve Jobs makes an announcement, it’s often accompanied with awe and buzz. This Tuesday’s keynote should be no exception. I’m waiting for that news on when I can get my hands on one of those Macs with Intel inside.

The higher price, small single-digit market share, and software I already own on the PC, have kept me from switching. But there is 1 reason to switch: the (almost) instant on from sleep mode. I love how I can open up my wifey’s laptop and get online in 5 seconds or less. I haven’t timed it, but it’s so fast! And, with new Macs coming with Intel inside, maybe it’ll run both Mac OS and Windows too. The possibilities..

I had written a much longer entry, but my Firefox browser crashed when I was trying to copy an URL to link up a side note about how Apple ran a Switch ad campaign back in 2002, and fanned some fame flames towards Ellen Feiss. The other aside I want to mention is a new video game online rental called gamefly.com – a brilliant idea! Though I’m in the minority with not being a gamer, I love a great idea!

[update: live blogging of Jobs’ Macworld keynote at engadget, macrumorslive, news.com, macworld.com; watch the Steve Jobs’ Keynote Address at MacWorld 2006]

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  1. David Park says:

    I’m switching! I can’t wait! I just ordered a mac mini! I’m so excited. I ‘ll let you know how it goes. The rest of the articles I proof will be from that!
    Talk to you soon, DJ!

  2. Elijah says:

    Don’t do it, DJ!!! It may be the popular thing to do, but don’t give into the dark side. You only have one vendor to buy from, proprietary everything… the horror, the horror. hehe.

  3. aus_chick says:

    I’m not a mac fan either, but I do like the whole idea of a remote control for my laptop 🙂 That is, as long as I didn’t end up spending more of my time figuring out where I left it… 🙂

  4. Kami says:

    It’s that sleep thing that attracts me, too. I’m a PC person, but, oh, the allure when everyone around me is getting macs…and then they basically leave them on all the time, sleeping when they’re not using them, but still using them immediately whenever they want. My good ol’ trusty 4 year old laptop is great except that it takes about 20 minutes (okay, maybe 7) to boot up, and it doesn’t seem to like stand-by mode very much.

  5. Ken Liu says:

    I’m surprised that an idealistic sort of person like you wouldn’t make the switch. Macs work the way that computers should work. Why keep struggling in the PC world?