1-day event for SoCal English Ministry Pastors 2/25/09

The following event is being hosted by the Fellowship of American Chinese Evangelicals (FACE) and you’re invited! The email below is posted with permission. This is one of those rare opportunities to glean from the life experiences of older English-speaking Chinese/Asian-American pastors.

An email from Calvin & Priscilla Hai [[email protected]] >>

Dear Colleagues in Christ,

Happy New Year! Praying that you will have a year of growth and exciting ministry in the Lord.

During the English Pastorsʼ meeting last October and from the feedback on the follow-up survey, many of you indicated that you are interested in a one day vision seminar. In response, the FACE Directors will host a one day Vision workshop on Wednesday, February 25, 2009, from 9am to 5pm. It will be held at:

Chinese Evangelical Free Church
1111 So Atlantic Blvd (north of the 60 and south of the 10)
Monterey Park CA 91754
(626) 570 6971

We have invited Peter Lin who has helped a number of ministries and for-profit corporate bodies develop compelling visions that drive their businesses. In all of USA , California is probably the most strategic state for English speaking ministries. Peter has been doing some research in this area and we will share some of the statistics with you of the compelling need to raise a new generation of pastors, to plant new churches, and to develop and strengthen existing ministries. The goal of the one day event is to develop a compelling vision so that together we can meet that need.

I realize that it can be very lonely in ministry. I pray that this one day of sharing will be the beginning of building a true kinship in Christ through fellowshipping, networking, and accountability with colleagues in ministry, which will multiply our effectiveness in our service to the king.

All this may sound grandiose, but we have a great God who has proven Himself all through history. And, unless the Lord is in this, we will be building in vain. May I count on your not just coming to this event but that you will lift it to the Lord in prayer that he will glorify Himself in our midst on that day?

If you know of others in ministry or have other staff who would benefit from this time, please feel free to invite them and let us know. Would you please respond to us by February 13 for planning purposes? If any questions, please email or call.


Wayland Wong

Retired pastor and FACE Director
(714) 848 6184

Please RSVP to Calvin and Priscilla Hai so that we can have adequate space and lunch for everyone. Again we will have some resources to recommend for your ministry.

About Peter Lin:

Peter Lin was born in Hong Kong and raised in the USA. After his MA in Dallas Theological Seminary, God called him back to Asia in a “business setting”. He served as VP in AIG in Singapore/Taiwan/HK and then went on to become President of Prudential (Hong Kong) and President for Asia for Liberty International (the international arm of Liberty Mutual). In 2002, he was called to be the lead pastor of Grace Baptist Church – Singapore. His god given passion is in leadership and vision development. God had given him a burden for developing a long term vision for the companies and churches that was under his responsibility. He had also developed the long term vision for the English Task Force for CCCOWE (Chinese Coordination Center of World Evangelism). He is currently at Fuller Theological Seminary focusing on studying Christian Leadership.

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