Oct 192012

Pastors who are planting churches in the 21st century, (some of them anyways,) are inviting people to follow along as things unfold in the process.

They used to call it progress reports, but that sounds oh-so formal. Now it’s in the genre of behind the scenes, the making of a church plant, or reality TV. In our day and age, when marketing could be paid, earned, or owned, why rent when you can own?

Rather than doing a stealth launch, preparing a project in secret, or staying low under the radar, I’ve found some pastors who are more along the lines of being open and transparent with what it is that they’re doing in their new entrepreneurial venture, or shall I say, adventures in church planting. (And methinks it’s far better to tell your own story, rather than allowing others to make up their story about you.)Here’s a few that come to mind ::

There are probably many, since an estimated 5,000 church planting leaders are gathering at Exponential 2013, the mother of all church planting conferences. Add a comment if you are blogging your life in church planting, or know of someone that is.

Jun 022010

Caught up with a friend I’ve known for 15 years and she’s recently getting (really) into social media. Imei Hsu is starting up a couple of new things up there in Seattle, and she shares about them with you and me on this wetoku-powered interview video:

Imei Hsu is a performing arts of the dancer variety via hipsforhire.com | @hipsforhire | hipsforhire.blogspot.com, bellydancing to be more specific, and also a registered nurse, and also a psychotherapist counselor via seattledirectcounseling.com. You can also find her in the social media world at ustream.tv/channel/video-nurse | @VideoNurse | youtube.com/yourlilchinagirl. Yes, she gave a shout out to @chrispirillo.
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Apr 172010

Every year since 2007, most if not all of the church planting organizations / networks and denominations and 1000s of church planters meetup for the Exponential Conference in Orlando. This year’s is next week, April 19-22. 2 of the special things happening I know of are 5 Idea Camp workshops and Mosaix Global Network reboot/ relaunch.

Aside: using a iPad-friendly stylus, like the Pogo, I used Adobe Ideas like a telestrator on the conference website. As you can see, most of the space is to draw your attention to the featured speakers and get you to register. Extra info placed on inside pages are set aside in the left-side column.

I’ll be there on Monday to Wednesday. I arrive into MCO on Monday 4:15pm and depart on Wed 4/21 2′ish. I’ll have a rental car, so if you want to sync up for a ride share, ping me at 949-243-7260. Official twitter hashtag = #exponential. There’s a Monday night tweetup party according to @jim_gray. Info is TBD at time of this writing.