List of beautiful Starbucks destinations in the USA

Starbucks stores around the world are serving up espresso drinks and coffee in over 25,000 convenient locations. Some of these locations are destinations that have made adaptive reuse of existing architectural buildings or have created special spaces with cool aesthetics and beautiful design. Several lists have highlighted many of the coolest […]

Starbucks rolls out free wifi this Spring 6

Starbucks customers will get 2 hours of free Wi-fi daily beginning this Spring. All’s you need is a Starbucks card! Finally, a perk for those who have a Starbucks card, like me. And for T-mobile hotspot subscribers, a roaming arrangement will be made with AT&T so that subscription will still […]

free wifi at Starbucks in Southern California 2

I’m sitting here at a Starbucks in Laguna Hills, at the corner of Paseo De Valencia and El Toro Rd. The hotspot SSID was “tmobile” and I didn’t have to login. I think the rumored free Wifi internet at Starbucks is already happening and being rolled out! The ComputerWorld article […]