Pastor Mark Driscoll writes marriage book with his wife 3

Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together by Mark & Grace Driscoll As a leading voice of the next generation with growing impact around the world, Pastor Mark Driscoll and wife Grace have authored an incredibly relevant book for our sexually-charged culture. The book comes with well-grounded biblical teaching […]

why talking about sex is so hard 24

In this video conversation with Becky Knight, a sexologist and sex educator in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, we breach an often uncomfortable topic, “Why talking about sex is so hard?” Her website is and she twitters at There you have it. Sounded to me like just do […]

Pastors. Affairs. Power. Ethics. 30

It all unravels eventually. Whether it’s getting tired of hiding the indiscretion, telling a lie, living a lie. Or, getting caught red-handed. Another pastor admits an emotional and physical affair. It’s wrong and there are tons of consequences. I think in the information age, with the openness of the Internet, […]

Saturday Surprises: small churches, men and women being friends 6

Some things I’ve found recently (and way back when that I hadn’t blogged): “The success of the iPhone has rendered the iPod irrelevant.” — Fast Company’s Agree or Disagree 1st internet campus baptism, at Flamingo Road anyways; could virtual communion be next? the beauty of the small church – a […]