Asian American Christian faith matters 2

A handful of events and networks have crossed my radar recently that cultivate dialogue around the contextualizing of Christian faith for/with/by Asian Americans. October 15th / 22nd @ Dallas / Houston Legacy Dialogue 2011: Trust Factor – how to build trust between two generations in ministry – the future of […]

Who gets paid in a new kind of church? 14

The recurring question of the times in 21st century America is: “What is the church?” My flight is cancelled. That gives me time to blog. As I’m trying to get to Orlando for a couple of days at Exponential Conference with 4,000 other church leaders getting invigorated about church planting, […]

Leaderless revolution. Leaderless religion.

We live in an amazing time in human history — the leaderless revolution in Egypt was fueled, by social media tools. And we don’t hear as much about the details about how it all happened in mainstream media, because there’s not one person to interview nor one person to represent […]

faith doesn’t replace knowledge 2

So there’s this new movie out about the ridiculousness of religions and faith by Bill Maher. No link love, but he sure gets quite the mainstream media attention. Both rationalists (aka atheists and/or agonostics) and religious folks say there is media bias for the “other” side. The thing is, everyone […]

To be American you need to have religion

Here in a symposium on religious faiths, affiliations, and ethnicities. Fascinating talk just began w/ Russell Jeung. He made a provocative statement as I started blogging– “To be American, you need to have a religious identity.” “And, Asian Americans are the most unaffiliated religiously.” I did wire up Russell with […]