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There are so many reasons people want to attend Verge Conference 2012. And this week is the open poll for you to vote who gets to go for free (1 gets a free trip to Austin and 5 gets a free registration) — here’s the excerpts of the reasons why these candidates want to attend and your vote will determine who gets to go!

  • Matt Cote ”As a future church planter I would love to be a part of this conference. Francis Chan, David Platt, and Alan Hirsch will be there! Connect with others who will be attending. Learn and be challenged.”
  • Michael Rich ”… Verge 2012 will be an opportunity to hear first hand from some of the leaders of this movement, to network with folks who are at the forefront of the movement, and to prepare myself for working in my own community and the world in a missional way.”
  • April Salvant ”… I would love to see a movement of missional communities spread throughout Haiti. Why? Because they (MCs) have literally changed my life on numerous occasions MORE than any church service EVER did.”
  • Allen Smith ”… I’d love to go with a band of like minded brothers who are striving to connect the gospel with mission and community.”
  • Tim Hoeksema ”I desire to connect with other like minded folks. Verge 2012 is such a gathering of people. People united around the Gospel. Learning to live it in community and on mission in this broken world.”
  • Frank Friedl ”… to fellowship with others who are like-minded to seek and save the lost, make disciples who make disciples, and practice the pure and faultless religion of taking care of orphans, widows and our communities in need. I’ve already been piling on to my reading list thanks to Verge: For the City by Darrin Patrick and Matt Carter and Building a Discipling Culture and Covenant and Kingdom by Mike Breen. Now I want to learn practicals- hands on and first hand from those doing it.”
  • Blake Thompson ”I want to be able to know more, to experience more, and to be able to cast the vision of what it means to live on mission in all areas of our lives. … I need help in figuring out how to practically lead our current community group ministries into understanding the heart of Missional Communities. “
  • Miguel Labrador ”Having Served in the Cloud Forest Communities of Ecuador as a missionary for nearly six years now, I’ve only attended one conference and produced one. Both were edifying experiences and seemed to take place in that perfect time between the need to be encouraged and the desire to equip others. … we work in remote areas as Missionaries to the Marginalized, but often, this produces a debt of the “Wisdom of Many Counselors.” “
  • Hal Khalaf ”"
  • Dawn Carter ”I am a mom who needs help. … I crave hearing more. I want to learn from folks who live this out, who share the good news of Christ’s love in tangible ways. I need to see how others wrestle with living out love each day to people who are different. I suck at it, but I’m learning.”
  • Aaron Clayton ” in learning what it means to live this way and rubbing shoulders with those who have been living this out, this is a good place to be.”
  • Josh Collins ”I have attended a few lectures and conferences and benefited from the leadership in the missional community, my wife however has not been able to attend these with me. This year we would like to attend as a couple. We really feel that our community, our church, and our neighboring communities will benefit from our attendance.”
  • Nicole Quiring ”… to choose a conference each semester to attend in addition to his seminary classes. He has picked one out for the Spring. It’s called VERGE. It’s one that hits where our hearts have been the last 5 or 6 years. It resonates with the journey God has us on right now. It has a line up of some phenomenal speakers. It’s in a great state. We could talk ministry, future and dream with each other for several days without the normal responsibilities of life.”
  • Jeremy Davidson ”I want to go to Verge Conference 2012 to discover how Harrah Church can begin embedding ourselves deeper into the fabric of our community. How can we weave our small group strategies around serving the neighborhoods where our groups meet? What kind of ministry can we do within the daycare centers in our community? What can we do to help the schools improve student achievement test scores and graduation rates? What established groups within our city can we pull up to and begin working beside? What kind of ministry is taking place in retirement and nursing home communities? How do you support foster families who are taking in the kids displaced by addiction? How do we increase awareness and bring solutions and education to our community about the social problems that are affecting families? How can we connect the faith communities in our town with the needs of our neighbors? I want to go to VERGE to find answers, to meet practitioners, to discover solutions to our community’s issues, to discover answers to questions that I don’t even know to ask yet.”
  • Benjamin Titsworth ”to partake in the great teaching and fellowship. But that’s not all this conference is about… This conference is about the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST and making that GOSPEL known.”
  • Allen Kleine Deters ”… now that I’m the senior pastor in a long established 107 year old little country church, I am even more aware of the DNA of entrenchment. But these folks are different in that they want to be more missional. … We recognize that we live in one of the poorest communities in the country with the two poorest counties just south of us.”
  • Sean Peters ”The honest truth is that trying to plant a church that goes against the grain of traditional church planting models is difficult to say the least. There is very little support and encouragement, and there is a great deal of pull to simply jump on the status quo boat and simply do things that way they’ve always been done. I need to be reenergized, reinspired and reminded that the picture of the church that God has laid upon my heart is right and true. I think that having the opportunity to attend this conference would do the trick. “
  • Steve Allen ”Having spent the last four years teaching church planters here in Zambia, we find ourselves embarking on a new journey as scary and exciting as the one that led us to Africa four years ago… as a missionary coming back in December 2011 to church plant, I need this weekend in Austin, Texas to continue networking and learning. “
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Let’s take a look at my inbox and see what we find…

Question: I am student, studying ministry. Am at the end of the third year and I would like to start my ministry after I graduate. How would you be of help to me — to find material about church planting ?

My Answer: There has been a growing number of resources about church planting in recent years. A quick Google search has many links that’ll get you started. 3 of my favorites are + + .

As you can see, there’s lots of information online. The best place you’ll want to be is the Exponenential Conference, April 19-22, 2010, in Orlando. This is the biggest gathering of church planters and church multiplication organizations that can give you the support, coaching, and launching pad for church planting — more resources than you can count!
2010 National New Church Conference
Todd Rhoades has been counting up the many reasons to be at Exponential — here’s a sample :
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