Wikis made easier to edit with beautiful designs 1

Design is becoming more essential for presenting information on the Internet. In 2015, relevant websites are now responsive-design, no longer just mobile-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing, in part ushered in by the compelling use of beautiful design by Apple on personal consumer technologies: iPod, MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and so on. Most […]

Money is not the limiting factor 5

In a world where business models dominate, and an economic engine to required for an initiative’s sustainability, that is too often the dark cloud that blocks our vision of what’s possible. Financial pressures like that govern the running a media business, like a magazine, that’s usually advertiser-supported. This Editor’s Note […]

wad of money

Anyone Can Publish 4

You’ve got a voice. You can publish. Anyone can publish. Having said that, this doesn’t mean everyone should publish. What I am saying is that more of us should publish. Posting something online no longer has to be only for business purposes. Set the plaguing questions aside and don’t worry […]

sharing content before the book publishes 8

While the publishing process still has its mystique, and each publishing house has its own style and approach, the writing process is usually a closed and mysterious too, with its content closely guarded until it’s published (and sold), since people are paying for the content. Things are changing. A book […]

how to self-publish a book with $0 setup 12

Print-on-demand technology has made it possible to have a real published book for much lower cost than traditional publishing houses or vanity presses. By “real”, I mean it’s bound like a book. Note that print-on-demand (POD) is high-quality laser printing, whereas traditional printing is offset printing. The difference is negligible […]