Nov 152013

Many people find lists and selecting the best of the best because there’s too much information out there (and I say that to opt-out from that category for myself.) So, in response to a tweet, here’s a list of Asian American pastors that regularly preach and teach at their churches and particularly contextualize the Gospel for all peoples, those who are bicultural, interracial, and multiethnic (in contrast to some who may speak from a generic Gospel perspective, not that there’s anything wrong with that; listed in alphabetical order):growing numbers of next-gen multi-asian churches

This is a subjective list compiled in response to this tweet “[@brentonbalvin] who are some top Dricsoll, Chandler, Piper, -esque Asian preachers I should be podcasting?” and I welcome your comments and additions to the list too. (ed.note: I took his inquiry as one for Asian American preaching rather than Reformed preaching by Asian Americans)

There are many more good Asian American pastors serving their churches—see my list of next-generation multi-Asian churches; the list above are those that come to mind when I think of active sermon podcasts. This means to be listed, there needs to be podcast feeds that can be subscribed in iTunes and Android, as well as contextualizing Gospel to cultures. Also see my blog post: What about Asian American Preaching

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Jan 092012

Recently I’ve been looking for podcasts to subscribe to for my commute time. I’m most interested in the intersection of social and spiritual things, aka people & relationships, which isn’t as popular as topics like technology or cooking or celebrity gossip.

In the Christian podcasting world, most podcasts are sermons or teachings or devotionals or church tech; that’s okay for the masses. I’m looking to check the “other” box, not so much what books tag as “Christian life”; just Christians (and Christian-friendly people) talking about a faith-informed life.

Here’s a list of active podcasts I’ve found so far — if you know others, please do let me know:

Aside: the term “podcast” has been co-opted for audio files posted on a website. Podcasts I’m listing here are those that can be subscribed via iTunes or a podcatcher app (cf. Google Listen or Podkicker on Android), and are recorded & produced only for the podcast show, not recordings from other broadcast media. This list isn’t for dormant podcasts (cf. The Nick & Josh Podcast, Wired Parish), only those that are actively updated, like weekly.