Jun 172011

They probably had a good reason to call the TEDx event in Orange County TEDxOrangeCoast instead of TEDxOrangeCounty. Did you know there are (at least) 8 Orange Counties: California, Florida, North Carolina, New York, Indiana, Texas, Vermont, Virginia

TEDxOrangeCoast happened in May 2011 at UC Irvine. Amidst the speakers’ lineup was Saddleback Church’s pastor Rick Warren & you can watch the video. He described how innovation often comes from asking the right questions, and listed 8 essential questions as the “8 Nations of Innovation”:

  1. Termination- What do I need to stop doing?
  2. Collaboration (Coordination) – How do we do it faster, larger, cheaper, or with a team?
  3. Combination – What can we mix together to make something new?
  4. Elimination (Simplification) – What part could we take out in order to make something similar?
  5. Reincarnation (Reinvention) – What has died that we can bring back to life in a new format?
  6. Rejuvenation – How can we change the purpose for why we are doing it?
  7. Illumination – How can we look at it in a new light?
  8. Fascination – How can we make it more interesting?
Jun 252008

I like connecting people to people. There, I’ve said it. Whether it’s people to God, people to resources, people to churches, people to places, it’s listening people’s question and connecting to what they’re looking for.

In a recent conversation, someone moving into the Irvine area is looking for a church. He’s been checking different churches out, but hasn’t yet found the right one. Ingredients that he’s looking for: a Bible-teaching church, a strong children’s ministry, fellowship with other Christians, a place to serve, and not too loud. A church like Bent Tree Bible Fellowship would be ideal, he said. It’s a kind of healthy church that feels like home (for certain evangelical Christians).

I ran through my mental rolodex and here’s what I came up with (in no particular order). But comparatively few right there in Irvine, surprisingly. There are plenty of great churches in Irvine, granted, but not sure all fit the description above. Perhaps you know some others.

(I think you can leave out that the Bible-teaching churches that are too vocal about the faults and problems of other good evangelical church’s practices…)

I’ve indexed more than a dozen church directories and search engines here — great reference there for anyone looking for a church anywhere.

[update] brand new website just launched by Jon Acuff -> Can I Wear Jeans? at caniwearjeans.blogspot.com for a directory of candid church reviews, cf. read back story from Steve Knight

[update May 2009] also see this list of churches with evening worship services