find an online church for worship 7

You can worship in the comforts of your own home or coffeehouse or anywhere there’s a (high-speed) internet connection. Thousands are worshipping online and that number will continue to grow as worship online goes more mainstream. As that happens, more people will be searching for where to worship online. The […]

next gen Southeast Asian Leaders 4

At SEALS: Southeast Asian Leadership Summit 2010 in San Jose, a conference of 140+ next generation Southeast Asian ministry leaders. Watch the main sessions as they’re being live-streamed. The organizer’s hospitality has been amazing — so encouraged to see the enthusiasm and heart of young leaders eager for God’s glory […]

how to put a price tag on coaching and mentoring 36

Question >> ” what do u think of this paid church coaching trend? is it biblical? Somewhere deep down, I just can’t imagine Paul turning to Timothy and saying I’ll help you for $250 per month? ” djchuang >> I am seeing a growing trend of people offering their services […]