Churches with Multiple Languages and Peoples 14

As the church adapts to serving a multicultural global village, some are developing ministries in multiple languages too. (cf. polyglot – someone who can speak multiple languages) Ethnic Asian churches and other immigrant churches have done that for decades. For some ethnic Korean churches, it’s ministering in Korean and English, for […]

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Growing Healthy Asian American Churches, together

To those of you tuned in here for my forthcoming stream-of-consciousness commentary about the new book Growing Healthy Asian American Churches, I’d like to expand it beyond my own voice–I’d like to invite you to a blog-based conversation about the book. Also, you can preview parts of the book, including […]

becoming a multiracial church, part 10 2

One of the conversation threads I was a part of recently mentioned the distinct flavor of minority-led multiracial churches (I would provide attribution and sound bites, but don’t want to be accused of name dropping or idolizing). The notion was floated that there’s something different and special about an Asian-led […]

becoming a multiracial church, part 9 7

New Wineskins magazine featured this audio on Racial Reconciliation by Jerry Taylor, in a recent issue. Dr. Jerry Andrew Taylor ministers as a church planter and community organizer in Atlanta, Georgia. He is president of Emancipation Fellowship Ministries, Inc., a non-profit community development organization. The audio is available in Windows […]

becoming a multiracial church, part 6

Here’s a few thoughts on multicultural churches from a PCUSA perspective, by the denomination’s moderator, Rick Ufford-Chase. … I’ve spent time in several churches that are making a serious attempt to build a multicultural community. They are diverse in their approaches. One thing that is becoming clear to me is […]

becoming a multiracial church, part 5 1

Last weekend at The Vine, I was part of a panel discussion on racial reconciliation. I read excerpts from my blog posts on becoming a multiracial church. It was a good mix of presentations with personal stories, offenses, forgiveness, and (occasional) reconciliation. But looking back, it was yet another rehash […]