Networks of missional churches 5

There’s been lots of buzz about the missional church, some have described it as: a movement, a description of a “shift in thinking”, small networks, or more than 50 ways to define missional; with the word’s origin traced as far back as 1883. And here’s a sayingitsimply.net video, The Missional […]

live coverage from Verge Conference in Austin 8

2,000+ church leaders will converge in Austin this week at the sold-out VERGE missional church conference. Neil Cole describes Verge as “first of its kind in the missional church field.” I’ll be there with the Verge Social Media Team, providing live coverage via various social media channels, and the team […]

Let’s get missional, missional… 10

Missional communities are the conversations du jour among church leaders, escalating during the past few years. Now there are gatherings (conferences) that revolve around how we can be more missional. (Several local and regional gatherings have already happened, though I haven’t been counting.) A regional (free) unconference about missional churches […]

Isn’t it hard to go missional?

Helen Lee is working on a Leadership Journal article about the changes that have occurred in pastors’ mindsets about the Gospel and mission. She’s looking to hear from pastors who are gung-ho about transforming their churches (under 200 in size) to become more missional (and/or emergent), but finding it more […]