How much self-promotion is too little or too much? 2

One issue that a freelancing independent consultant runs into is making his services known to others. For some people, especially those influenced by Asian cultural background, any mention of one’s own accomplishments is considered boasting too much self-promotion. I’m one of those that’s had more than my share of Asian […]

Announcement: Consultant for Hire 18

2010 is a brand new season for my work life. I am now working as a freelance consultant, aka independent contractor. In addition to being available for short-term projects, I’ve just started working with Worship Leader Magazine and its media group [cf. press release]; I will continue to work with […]

why bloggers need a business card 3 (John “human3rror” Saddington) is holding a “I’m a Blogger and I Need a Business Card!” content. Deadline for submission to the random drawing is January 18th, this Sunday. I’m not sure if I’m already disqualified since I already have a business card. Hope not. Why bloggers need a business […]