May 212012

Launching this week, the new book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World is hands down the best book I’ve ever seen about blogging and social media! I’ve been swimming in this world of blogging for over 12 years, before it was called that, and have seen a good number of books about the amazing potential of social media, the (few) exceptional examples of blogging/ social media that’d made big impact (mostly short-term), some books that warns cautiously about its dangers, and some that give basic tutorials for how to get started by giving the readers a printed guided tour of the internet.

What Hyatt does exceptionally in Platform is reveal all the things he did over the course of 5+ years to raise his profile and build a platform so that his voice has become a most popular and influential in the online world. This book pulls together all the ingredients for the what and why and how to’s for using online media, developing valuable content, his personal workflow, how he measures results, and more nuts & bolts. It’s practically a recipe book for you to add water and stir. In this case, it’s add valuable content and work it consistently from now to eternity, retirement, anyways.

One aside about this book’s trajectory. The book mostly assumes that you’d want to build a platform to establish something to extend your influence so you can sell your products and services, even though the subtitle does say it’s for anyone with something to say or to sell. And the assumption behind that is you’d have to provide content that is valuable to a large enough of a number of people. Not every topic has that, like many things I believe to be important and worth having a voice, even if big groups of people don’t value it. Nevertheless, Platform is still a very handy reference book that can be adapted for when size doesn’t matter — hint: skip the parts about measuring.

What I love about the author Michael Hyatt is that he’s a CEO type (most recently of Thomas Nelson publisher) and yet willing to put himself personally out there online. They make too few of them like that. I sure hope, as his platform continues to grow, he’ll be an example and prototype of leaders in the 21st century, someone who is accessible, personal, and generously shares with others the valuable skills and lessons he’s learning along the way.

By the way, buy the book this week, send Michael Hyatt the receipt, and he’ll give you a gob of valuable bonus material!

[disclaimer: I received an advance readers review copy of this book]

Apr 152011

One issue that a freelancing independent consultant runs into is making his services known to others. For some people, especially those influenced by Asian cultural background, any mention of one’s own accomplishments is considered boasting too much self-promotion. I’m one of those that’s had more than my share of Asian influence, right down to my very bone and marrow.

I posted my question to twitter:

@djchuang: wondering: what’s the line between a consultant who self-promotes too much and not enough?

Some replies I got back:

@soverpeck: @djchuang @chrisbrogan talks about it quite a bit.

@Ryan_Smith: @djchuang any consultant that is effective will promote those they consult– if they did a good job they will return the favor #socialmedia

@TheMikeEllis: @djchuang consultants don’t need to promote if they’re good at what they do. Results will do the promoting.

@chriswhill: @djchuang One look at their bank account, & you’d know the answer.

@marcymassura: @djchuang its not about too much or too little is about the right RATIO of promotion to connection.

What do you think?

Jan 182010

2010 is a brand new season for my work life. I am now working as a freelance consultant, aka independent contractor.
new season
In addition to being available for short-term projects, I’ve just started working with Worship Leader Magazine and its media group [cf. press release]; I will continue to work with Leadership Network, where I’d been joyfully employed for 3 years; and, I’ll stay involved with L2 Foundation, where I’ve served for 9 years.

Here’s an overview for what I’m available for hire ::

  1. strategist for web & social media
    multi-channel approach to effectively connect with your audience, using blog, twitter, facebook, podcast, videos, webinars, and more
  2. facilitator for collaboration & strategic planning
    developing tactics for maximizing opportunities & overcoming challenges
  3. training and speaking on topics specifically designed for your context, including: church, ministry, technology, and collaboration

I am located in Aliso Viejo, California, between Irvine and San Juan Capistrano. Let’s connect by phone or your preferred mode of communication, so we can discuss how I may be of service to you and/or your organization.
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Jan 132009 (John “human3rror” Saddington) is holding a “I’m a Blogger and I Need a Business Card!” content. Deadline for submission to the random drawing is January 18th, this Sunday. I’m not sure if I’m already disqualified since I already have a business card. Hope not.

my business card

Why bloggers need a business card? For 5 reasons: [1] lots of people don’t blog yet; [2] to make sure they spell my name right, [3] it’s something tangible that they can take away, [4] I can give them more contact info quickly — so they can choose their communication preference, [5] they can jot a note on the back of the card.
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