Feb 022010

2,000+ church leaders will converge in Austin this week at the sold-out VERGE missional church conference. Neil Cole describes Verge as “first of its kind in the missional church field.”

I’ll be there with the Verge Social Media Team, providing live coverage via various social media channels, and the team members’ websites + blogs + networks will host on-going conversations in a distributed fashion after the event.

The Verge team blog will link to all the latest — including announcement of the live video feed of main sessions. Live twitter tweets on twubs (below) + use official hashtag #verge10 + follow @djchuang247 for my live tweets.
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Jul 292009

Online Experiment #231. After a couple of tries of using twitcam.com to livestream in conjunction with my secondary twitter account @djchuang247, there were a few aha’s that weren’t all that obvious to me, especially with a minimalistic web page design. The minimalism does make it very easy to use, granted.
3 things and then 1 aside:
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Jan 062009

For the next 3 weeks, Leadership Network will host live webchasts with 11 innovative church leaders, almost every weekday at 1:00pm Pacific / 3:00pm Central / 4:00pm Eastern, Monday thru Thursday. The free webcast runs for 15 minutes, so it’s just a quick break.

I’ll be interviewing Dave Gibbons tomorrow – that’s Wednesday, January 7th, at 1:00pm Pacific. Add a comment with a question I should ask him; I’ll do my best to squeeze it in. [update: the interview was recorded and can be viewed online]


To join the live webcast, go to www.innovation3gathering.com/live

Here’s the line-up:

* Jan 6 – Dino Rizzo
* Jan 7 – Dave Gibbons
* Jan 8 – Dave Ferguson
* Jan 12 – Reggie McNeal
* Jan 13 – Neil Cole
* Jan 14 – John Bishop
* Jan 15 – Pete Briscoe
* Jan 19 – (a surprise – to be announced)
* Jan 20 – Mark Driscoll
* Jan 21 – Greg Surratt
* Jan 22 – Darrin Patrick

All 11 of these church leaders will be at the Innovation3 Gathering in Dallas, January 27-28, 2009, along with nearly 100 innovative church leaders. See you online at the live webcast and in person at Innovation3!

By the way, come early on Tuesday January 27th, if you can. We’ll have a bloggers meetup / tweetup at lunch before Innovation3 kicks off. (Location to be tweeted.)

Sep 262008

Spending the day at ChurchTechCamp; see the live streaming video, chat room, live tweets, and live blogging >>

Here’s a quick video scanning the #churchtechcamp audience

Search for hashtag #churchtechcamp for multiple simultaneous voices; follow me at twitter.com/djchuang for mine

This afternoon about 1:30ish (Pacific) I’ll kick off a discussion / conversation about whether blogging still matters, with these articles as a starting point:

[update] open wiki at churchtechcamp.wetpaint.com for list of participants + sites mentioned + #churchtechcamp gets mention at official Twitter blog (!)

Aug 232008

This is way forward-thinking: Gnomedex is live-streaming its main sessions right now, for another day (up ’til 5:45pm Pacific Time / 8:45pm Eastern). They’ve been doing it for several years now (audio since 2006; cf. the Gnomedex philosophy)

This conference allows its non-attenders to watch it all live streamed over the web!

See the schedule to catch the segments of most interest to you.

Does live-streaming discourage people from attending and having to pay registration fees and travel costs? Nope, still sold out! Gnomedex is on my short list of conferences I really want to go to.

Know of any other conferences that are (partially or entirely) live-streamed? Interviews don’t count. :)