10 Keys to Developing Leaders in Churches

There’s lots of leadership development resources in recent years, all over in the marketplace, bookstores, nonprofits, and churches too. I think this is part of what it means to be working more productively in today’s fast-changing times and mobilizing people towards a common vision organizationally. One of the privileges for me […]


Leadercast 2014

Join the Leadercast 2014 simulcast in West LA to hear from Malcolm Gladwell, Archibishop Desmond Tutu, Braveheart’s Randall Wallace, Jack Welch, Simon Sinek, Laura Bush, Andy Stanley, and more! This year’s theme — Beyond You — challenges leaders to leverage their influence for the sake of others. Join these leaders at Leadercast Live on May 9, 2014 and use promo code “eventfree” to get free registration for a limited time!



Join this Asian American Christian Leadership D.Min. Cohort

Leadership in the Asian American church and ministry context requires you to stay sharp and keeps you on your toes. One of the best, and highly-valued, ways of doing that is through formal education. When you successfully graduate from this D.Min. program, you’ll have the title of Doctor, just like […]

feeling of leadership fatigue

In this fast-changing world requiring more leadership, all this talk about leadership could lead to fatigue from so much talk about it. In a recent convo with Sam, I think he’s right, there are no easy answers (or reprieve) to leadership, it’s just plain hard. Leadership is figuring it out […]


Leadership Development: Multi-Asian Church Podcast Episode 5 5

For those of you keeping score at home, this is episode number 5. In this episode of the Multi-Asian Church Podcast Series, Ed Choy and I talk about developing Asian American leaders in the context of an multi-Asian/multi-ethnic churches. You’ll need to listen more carefully, since the background noise at […]